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Fairy Garden House Leaf

Fairy Garden House Leaf


This whimsical Fairy Garden House will make for a truly memorable and sweet gift.  This house features an elaborate front door and open leaf windows on the house adorned with vines. Hand-glazed in golden orange, the roof features open windows of leaves, making it a lovely addition to your garden.   The bottom is open to allow a small tea light or flameless candle to shine through the open windows, magically glowing in the night air.  Created in ceramic clay, this house will withstand most environments to please the fairies in your garden all year long.

This house measures approx. 12" in height by 6" inches at its widest so it fits in perfectly with almost any fairy garden accessory. 

Our Fairy Garden House will make all your garden fairies and gnomes (or their hidden Friends) feel most welcome!   The Fairy Garden House makes a wonderful gift.

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